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Phoenotopia FAQ

2014-08-21 00:44:30 by Quells

I've been getting a lot of questions on how to progress on the tricky parts of Phoenotopia, so to alleviate my inbox, I'll start listing them here. Refer to this if you're really stuck! (If you have a guide you'd like me to link here, PM me)

============ Other Awesome Guides ============

A more comprehensive guide by nggroundsplayer347

============ CHAPTER 0 : Miscellaneous ============

Q: Are there missables in this game?
In Zelda fashion, no. If you think you've found a missable item, PM me.

Q: My green bracelet is gone!?
The green bracelet disappears because I didn't have a slot for some key quest items. So the green bracelet will temporarily leave your inventory when you're carrying the bandit or the golem head. But don't worry! Just by continuing your journey, the green bracelet will return! As for why I chose to the slot of the green bracelet, it's because the gift that Aella gives you can't be taken advantage of until later (by which point you should have the green bracelet back).

Q: I'm using a 360 controller and the up/down is inverted?
I am aware of such an issue, and Tom Fulp was actually the first to tell me about it. The conclusion we reached is that the error lies in the flash version of your browser. In Tom's case, the up and down were inverted on Chrome but worked fine in IE. The up and down works correctly for me.

So this one is a hard one to tackle - there hasn't been too much noise about this issue, so I'm inclined to think the current Up/Down on the analog is the correct configuration for most people. I recommend trying it with a different browser to see if you have different results. If there is enough noise about this, I will put this higher on my priority queue, but for now saving problems are.

============ CHAPTER 1 : Panselo & Duri Forest ============

Q: Why is the slingshot so weak?
It's more of a stunning tool. That bat should be your bread and butter.

Q: How do I defeat frogs?
Frogs hop at the same rate, height, and distance every time, so it's possible to know where they'll land. Stand at a spot you know they'll appear before and charge up your weapon to defeat them in one hit! Later when you get the slingshot you can also stun them.

Q: How do I cross the gap in the temple ruins?
First shoot the switch to extend the bridge to your side. Once you cross the bridge, hit the switch again to extend the bridge to the other side. Then stand on the edge of that newly moved bridge, and shoot the switch on the next platform to bring it over to you. Basically hit the switches twice!

Q: How do I defeat the Armored Toad Boss?
Shoot the Duri Fruit patch above him or bouce a sling rock off the wall behind him to hit his back. Doing so will get him to turn around revealing his weak back side.

Q: How do I cross Atai Bridge or crawl through small spaces?
You need to buy a "Scroll of Rolling" back at the Panselo Dojo. This will allow you to roll through the small spaces.

============ CHAPTER 2 : Atai and the Bandits Lair ============

Q: How do I get the bandit in Atai's jail to reveal the Bandits' Lair?
Buy a Talkinator potion from the potions witch and give it to him.

Q: How do I get bombs?
Talk to Lisa and ask her about "interesting places to visit?". She'll reveal to you Adar's house where you can then find bombs.

Q: How can I make some money?
A woman in Atai's market place will buy Duri fruit from you. Also the man at Honey Bee Labs will buy Honey Combs from you.

Q: How can I get more health items?
If you're strapped for cash, there's a spot in Duri forest that has 3 healing fruits you can collect. The fruits will respawn if you leave the area to the world map, so it's possible to get a lot.

Q: How do I defeat the Sand Dragon?
Youtube Video

To dodge him effectively you can clear out his lava pools with bombs. You can also whack his spitfire in the air to cancel it out (but that's a risky maneuver). To dodge his roll attack, try to roll under it as it's coming. Also helps if you have the hammer, since you'll do a lot more damage. Feed him a bomb when he's burrowing underground and snapping at you to stun him and make him vulnerable to your attacks.

============ CHAPTER 3 : Thomas's Lab, Daea, Dungeons, and the Prince Tower ============

Q: How do I enter Thomas's Lab?
The first room of his house has a switch hidden beneath a box on the left wall. Shoot the box to reveal the switch. Then shoot the switch. Click here for a picture.

Q: How do I defeat the robot in Thomas's Lab?
Video Here
He has only a few different patterns of laser attacks. Once you learn to dodge them, it's simply a matter of pushing him over the chasm and flipping the switch.

Q: How do I access the sewers?
After Thomas has been kidnapped, to access the sewers, you need to talk to a sequence of NPCs in this order:
1. First is the maid in the upper right most room of the inn. She says she saw Thomas get dragged away.
2. Then the guard in jail (lower left most area in Daea). He tells you to talk to the king.
3. Then the orange haired little girl outside the castle gates. She says that a person named "Ruby" could get you into the sewers. Her apartment is the middle residential area.
4. At Ruby's apartment, is a man who tells you Ruby went to buy lunch.
5. The store keeper at the food shop tells you Ruby just left for the sewer.
The sewers will now be opened.

Q: How do I access blocks A, B, and E of the dungeons?
There's a prisoner you can rescue in Block D. He tells you of a weak floor in Block C. Use a bomb where he tells you and you can get into Block E, which contains keys to reach the other blocks.

Q: How do I navigate the ladder obstacle course in the tower?
Watch this video 

Q: How do I defeat the Kobold boss?
Youtube Video
Generally stay on the opposite corner of where he is so that you can respond quickly to his change of direction. Place a spear on the wall ahead of time so that you can quickly move up or down. When he charges his blue ball of death attack throw a spear into the opening of his shield. If he's hanging upside while charging, you need to hop to throw the spear in. Finally, make use of charge attacks - they do double damage and can hit up to 3 times in a row if you're spamming the attack button hard enough.

============ CHAPTER 4 : Beyond the Wall ============

Q: How do I defeat the Big Eyed Boss?
Link to video
Big Eye follows a set pattern of 5 phases. Learning how to handle and dodge the attacks of each phase and you will survive.

To do damage effectively however, you want to wait until the right phase. When you close the 4 smaller eyes he'll open his big eye but only for a set amount time. So if you open his big eye at a bad time and there are a lot of distractions on the field, you will have squandered your chance to damage him.

The best phase to do damage is the 5th phase when he's shooting 2 giant laser beams since there are no distractions on the field if you're standing in front of him. So it's best to close 3 of his smaller eyes, and then wait for his 5th phase, before you close his 4th small eye.

Q: How do I outrun 66?
As you are running away from him there are switches you can hit to close the doors. Every door you close on 66 delays him and buys you more time. If you hit a switch to open a door, there is usually a switch to close that same door. If you open it, don't leave it open!

Finally hit the switches using your jump attack, since that is a lot faster than your sling shot. You should only use the slingshot to activate a switch once during this whole chase sequence.

Here's a video

============ For Completionists ============

Q: How do I access Forgotten Forest?
Collect 30 moon stones and the teleporter in Fran's lab will be activated.

Q: What is the scope of the Heart Ruby and Moon Stone tracker in the world map selection screen?
It extends to all obtainable collectables if you were to enter from that map location. There are two problematic areas where the scope is really broad because they have secret paths connecting many areas. The first big area is Atai and the Bandits' lair which are connected by the well passage. The second is Daea and the Prince Tower connected by the Dungeons.

Q: What are the non-quests (ie the dead ends)?
- There is no quest behind feeding the Perro bird in Daea
- No quest behind the fake love letters in Daea
- There's no quest to get a Sand Dragon egg (there were plans, but they did not pan out)
- There's no quest behind the abducted Harpy. That's for the sequel.
- The door you see when running from 66 can not be accessed.
(Will add more non-quests as they come to my attention)

Q: How often does Chocolate Protein Shake work? How many Heart Rubies are there?
Five times. To get 99 HP you need to find all 23 heart rubies. That gets you to 89 HP. From there five protein shakes will get you the rest of the way to 99 HP.

Q: Tips for getting the speed run medal?
- The only heart rubies you should get are the ones that bosses drop. Any other one is too big a detour.
- Plan a smart route for which money chests to grab. You only want to get just enough for the key quest items (lamp, float donut, & roll scroll). For example, in Duri forest it's better to grab the money chest going back from the first boss when there are no enemies, then before.
- The only non-key item I bought was the hammer. 
- Sweet stamina boosting items like honey make a big difference in areas like Misty Gorge, where fast recharging stamina allows you nearly limitless jumps in water.
- If you die, refresh the browser to prevent the game from overwriting your save time or number of deaths.
- Expect it to be hard.

Speed Run Ch 1

Speed Run Ch 2

Speed Run Ch 3

Speed Run Ch 4

(I will update this news post as I get more questions.)


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2014-08-21 04:30:00

all right, problem. 0066 is either MUCH to fast or MUCH too strong.

I'm finding i have to be completely picture perfect with every single thing i do or I will instantly die to her at the speed that she breaks through walls.

I get that she's a pheonix weapon, but that is just MUCh too fast/too strong. Tone her speed down so that she hits the walls down slower, or make it so she doesn't instantly and outright kill you.

Quells responds:

Hi Xylph,

If I get more feedback to tone down his speed (66 is a guy, guess that didn't carry over right...), I will do so!

Out of curiosity, are you hitting the door switches to close the door on him? After you pass through a door you want to hit the corresponding door switch to close the door on him and buy yourself more time. For this point, it helps to practice a short hop air attack (don't use the slingshot to hit the switch since that takes too much time). There's only one switch that requires you to use the slingshot. To take out the flying sentry, it may be faster to stun it with the artifact rather than the slingshot. Hope that helps!


2014-08-21 06:16:00

Enemies are a lot rougher on the other side of the wall.. but I'm doing well so far.

A good gauge of how hard some elements are, is to look at how many people get certain medals. In time, you'll get an idea, but don't let that prevent you from making another challenging game!

Quells responds:

Hi VicariousE,

Nice to hear you're doing well! Thanks for the suggestion for the FAQ. I would have sent you a thank you mail, but your inbox is too full :P


2014-08-21 06:36:13

Uhm... I helped Aella and got a technique for a spear item that I don't have... I'm stuck at the part where the robot expert gets kidnapped. I can't go to the dungeon without talking to the king, I can't get to the king without going through the sewers, and I can't find a way into the sewers. other than that. It seems there are invisible climbable parts on the far right hand side of the building with the lady with a "parrot" that's really a Perro... I can't get into the room in that place that's at the top, and I see a the metal covering of a ventilation shaft, but I can't get to that without a second jump. Back in perelo or whatever hometown is called, in the main building, I can see a rug and an opening for a room I can't get to without a better jump, and in the same town in the building with switches, I can't reach the ladder without a better jump. all of this leading me to believe that I've missed something extremely important that will help me jump better. I'd also like to know how to obtain this spear item I've got a technique for. ANYWHO. I thought I'd write this up before heading to bead, just in case it either helps me continue or helps the Dev fix anything broken.

Quells responds:

Hi Redundan Sea,

After Thomas has been kidnapped, to access the sewers, you need to talk to a sequence of NPCs in this order:

1. First is the maid in the upper right most room of the inn. She says she saw Thomas get dragged away.
2. Then the guard in jail (lower left most area in Daea). He tells you to talk to the king.
3. Then the orange haired little girl outside the castle gates. She says that a person named "Ruby" could get you into the sewers. Her apartment is the middle residential area.
4. At Ruby's apartment, is a man who tells you Ruby went to buy lunch.
5. The store keeper at the food shop tells you Ruby just left for the sewer.

The sewers will now be opened.

As for the other things you talk about, you will get an improved "jump" later :)


2014-08-21 08:29:02

How to get into jail A , B , E ??! ( In Daea )

Quells responds:

There's a prisoner you can rescue in Block D, that tells you of a weak floor in Block C. Use a bomb where he tells you and you can get into Block E. Block E contains keys to reach the other blocks.


2014-08-21 08:32:56

How does the no deaths achievement work? Do I have to beat an entire game without dying once? Does dying and not continuing count?

Quells responds:

No deaths requires that you never die. So you want to stock up and use healing items effectively. Technically when you get the game over screen, you can close the page and that will prevent the game from saving your death. But that would be cheating!


2014-08-21 08:59:25

+1 for how do I get to the jail. The entrance to the cells is stuck.

Quells responds:

There's a prisoner you can rescue in Block D, that tells you of a weak floor in Block C. Use a bomb where he tells you and you can get into Block E. Block E contains keys to reach the other blocks.


2014-08-21 10:22:11

In the underground part of the vastle where there's 4 switches, no enemies, and 2 of them are on the walls, is there any trick to it, because the bombs nor slingshots work when I tried to activate all o them.

Quells responds:

This one requires skillful navigation and air strikes. Start by tossing a bomb to the bottomost switch, and then climb the ladder hitting the switches in counter clockwise order. It's a race against the clock basically! The items it unlocks are optional


2014-08-21 10:30:51

I'm having trouble with the Golem boss in Tomas's Lab, some of his moves are sure hits? As well as, where I can get the bracelet for Aella.


2014-08-21 10:41:46

Nevermind about my last comment, I just brought food to tank shots and found the bracelet after talking to Thomas.


2014-08-21 10:58:15

Noticing a weird problem when trying to find something "green and round." I know perfectly well that she's referring to the bracelet, but the bracelet doesn't seem to be in my inventory. Is there a reason for this?

Quells responds:

Key items would enter your inventory at various points and I didn't have a place to put them, so they'd take the slot of the green bracelet. When the key items leave your inventory (for story reasons), the green bracelet should return.


2014-08-21 11:53:19

Whoops, didn't see Otaku's comment until just now. Disregard my previous question.


2014-08-21 12:45:41

Whats the item between the Nebula Armlet and the Armor?

Quells responds:

Lucky Belt. It doubles your drop rate. Hint: The quest to get it starts by completing side quests on the Wall. Talk to the NPCs and see what they need.


2014-08-21 13:28:28

How can I get the key to block D?

Quells responds:

The first room of block D has a key near the ceiling. Hit it a few times with the slingshot to wiggle it down


2014-08-21 16:28:42

Welp. After defeating the Bandits Lair and freeing Lisa, I went back to the home town but the gate was down. Can't get in the town now, unless I somehow get lucky and shoot the slingshot above the gate on to the switch, but that's practically impossible. Is there a way to resolve the problem? I don't want to have to do all the stages again.


2014-08-21 16:39:55

Hi Quells

i want to know where to find the last weapon
and whats the deal with Gale being a pheonix weapon or whatever,hope to find that out in the next game.


2014-08-21 16:48:42

Q: How do I get bombs?
Talk to Lisa and ask her about "interesting places to visit?". She'll reveal to you Adar's house where you can then find bombs.

Where is Lisa i have talked to every npc i can find without luck


2014-08-21 16:58:40

how do i get back in the village after the ufo attack? the entrance to the village is closed and i cant hit the switch with the slingshot (angle makes it impossible... bug?


2014-08-21 17:04:01

The town door locks after Lisa goes back to town. What to do now?


2014-08-21 17:06:42

i am having a hard time finding the circular green!


2014-08-21 17:20:54

What kind of NPC I need to give 'asteroid rock'?


2014-08-21 20:10:14

How can you get into the forgotten forest? I can't get up the wall, and I'm able to fight the last boss. Am I missing something?


2014-08-21 21:47:54

all right, I finally finished the game, and seeing as i already commented on the game istelf, ill post some other thoughts here:

I was unable to clear the final area without the use of the "Best Arsenal". anyything less than that delayed me long enough for 0066 to catch me. If this isin't seen as a problem needing to be fixed for those playing through the game casually instead of for 100% then I don't know what is.

I'll also answer some questions I see here:

Koyte, you need to collect enough moonstones so the professor will activate the teleporter in his home. you'll be able to access it then.

SAG3, you give it to the blacksmith';s apprentice in Deae. you will need two in order to receive a reward.

Walkernator, it refers to the green armband in your misc. inventory. If it's not there then your game is probably experiencing a bug.

Squidly, that does seem to be a bug but with a well placed spear and some time with a slingshot I was able to get a rock over and hit the switch. It's not impossible, but very difficult.

Oehr, see above.

Necromencer, you need two meteor stones to obtain the last weapon.

Darkstreaker, see the response to squidly.


2014-08-21 22:15:58

Hum... how can I defeat the sand monster (boss) inside the bandit's lair (chapter 2)? I can't find any weak points...


2014-08-21 22:39:07

ion, think dodongo from LOZ.

make his stomach go boom.


2014-08-21 22:52:16

Recent update ended with me locked out of Panselo and lost data from afternoon playthrough.


2014-08-21 23:22:45

Um... why in some moment the gates of Pansello get closed and when I bring Lisa she runs through them? Should it be that way or is it glitching? I tried everything to open the gate and have no idea how to advance the game now.


2014-08-21 23:24:23

ok, you got a question for the 4th part. How do i defeat this harpy? dang, they are tough.


2014-08-21 23:29:04

There's a door in the forest behind a pressure switch does one get there? I'm stuck on 29 moonstones.

Also, collecting the gel for the potion lady?


2014-08-22 00:37:27

What is the drop rate on the Flying Slime Goo? And while I'm here: At 30 Moon Stones, the teleporter in Fran's basement opened, I fear I may have glitched the game somehow...

Bonus question: Is the $999 item worth getting?


2014-08-22 00:37:33

Issue after chapter 2.
Panselo is locked. wat do?


2014-08-22 00:55:41

I'm stuck on Chapter 3, I can't start at all because the gates are closed to Panselo, I've been able to get the sling shots over the gate and almost hit the switch, but they poof in mid air. I really love this game, please get it fixed whenever you find the time.


2014-08-22 01:59:22

no matter how I try to skim time off my hot key use, 66 keeps getting me by the time I climbe the first shaft. Maybe you could make him slower?

Quells responds:

Are you hitting the switches to close the doors back on him? Each door you close on him buys you more time.


2014-08-22 04:45:18

I'm in the well in Atai, past the two rooms with switches, in the area with the grey stone floors. There is a jump that seems just slightly out of reach. Is there a trick to get past this jump?

Quells responds:

Is this jump where you're in water? If it is, throw a spear just before you land in the water to give you a ledge you can hop from


2014-08-22 06:12:33

Yeah, I've tried closing the doors. he still catches up to me.

Quells responds:

NP. I've uploaded a video of how to do it. Let me know if you still have trouble.


2014-08-22 06:20:55

may you will think i am totaly stupid but i'm stuck in chapter 4 :(

Quells responds:

Haha, the comment about chapter 4 being easy was sarcasm. PM me where you are stuck.


2014-08-22 06:25:20

JCLV, you can either pull a really skillful "Item 3" shot and get it low enough to jump out of the water there... or you could wait until you've got the "Jump Item" and get over there the proper way.


2014-08-22 09:40:51

That Big-Eye Machine is too difficult to defeat , I used over half of my bentos but deal only about 2~3% of its health..............

Quells responds:

I've updated the FAQ to include a section on the Big Eyed Boss. Take a look:


2014-08-22 10:43:26

Great game. I'm not sure where I'm stuck. Storyline-wise, I just got through the wall. I've worked my way through the areas to the Ancient Crater, but now I'm lost. I can't get through there because of the lazer shooting things. Is there something I need to do first, after getting the Artifact Shard from the prince?

Quells responds:

Do you have jet boots? If not you need to go through the Mul Caves (from the south exit). Due to an earlier bug, it's possible for people who started playing the game early to entirely skip the Mul Caves, but doing so will skip story triggers which will prevent the game from playing out correctly.

If you do have the jet boots, you can fly over the laser shooting things.


2014-08-22 12:08:45

What the hell does that chicken in Daea eat? I found an asteroid rock in a very upper part of Misty Gorge (thank you jet boots!), after blowing up some rocks and going though some caves... where's the other one?

Those are some good Chapter 0 questions :)


2014-08-22 12:20:36

Any tips on dodging that furry boss? Especially when he throws that huge energy ball while hanging down from the ceiling?


2014-08-22 13:21:51

Where do you get the asteroid rocks? Also, it might be cool to have a section in the FAQ for all the collectibles/sidequests


2014-08-22 14:08:29

Contains spoilers.
Where do I find the second meteorite? I've found the first one in Misty Gorge, but everywhere I search I've found nothing. I can access Forgotten Forest W, which leads to a cliff which I can't get past, and I haven't heard of any other paths to the forgotten forest.
I know you get the Lucky Belt from The Wall, but the guy having trouble with the postal service isn't really hinting good enough for me to figure out.
What do Is the use of the Gold Bar and the Small Baton?

The most difficult thing in this game, aside from frogs, is the collectibles. Going to the Dread Lands to look for a Moonstone isn't so motivating when you risk not finding anything, and having to travel such an unforgiving landscape. I would suggest a x/x in the map, displaying how many of Ruby Hearts or Moonstones you've got in the area you're hovering over. Especially with how well you are at hiding secrets, which is a good thing.
The only part of this game that was too hard for me was the robot eye before the end. It looked possible with an inventory of sushi and lots of patience, but after two attempts, I shamelessly used Cheat Engine to give me infinite health. I didn't have a problem with 0066, it was difficult, but it was a fun kind of difficult.
I also see you added a delay after speaking with NPC's, which only adds to the perfection that this game is. It is one of the best games I have ever played, currently sitting on 8th on my list of all time, and I look forward to the sequel.


2014-08-22 14:50:23

Get one asteroid rock from a cave in Misty Gorge (need rocket boots to reach area, and the cave is under a stone that you need to destroy with a bomb), another from Fran for having 25 moonstones.

What new ingredient does the chef want?
What do you do for the guy at the wall that complains about the post office taking too long?
How do you get flying cave jelly? I must have killed about 100 of them and other people have asked about drop rate too, so I'm guessing it's not from killing them.


2014-08-22 14:57:49

I'm stuck in the Nebula Armlet dungeon. I killed my way through the SkeleDroids, and got the armlet, but when I got back to the room with the first, solitary red SkeleDroid, it had respawned, thereby causing the gate to close. With no way to open the gate from the inside, I'm stuck. Is there another way out, or something?


2014-08-22 15:15:17

hey there, so i think i know where the last meteor rock is but i have NO idea how anyone could make it... at the bottom of well in atai there's a tunnel and it takes you to what looks like a space ship but it has those damn red robots which are impossible. actually, whats the best way to kill those things? and, yeah, a hint as to the second meteorite would be awesome, thanks.

p.s. thanks quells for the game and assistance, i've made my way to the crater now and continuing forward


2014-08-22 15:45:49

Well i struggled enough with that eyed boss. You are inadequate. FK U . DIE


2014-08-22 16:15:14

anybody know the location of all moonstones? I am stuck at 35 and completed everything (besides the moonstones of course)


2014-08-22 16:19:39

I'm almost to the end boss of the game, but I realized I still don't have the best weapon. Am I missing something, like a special metal for the blacksmith? It would be easier to rely on the final weapon to beat the game.


2014-08-22 16:53:46

I'm pretty sure you get the best weapon from giving the blacksmith asteroid shards


2014-08-22 17:12:37

Finally beat the game! Awesome job! I actually outrun 66 on my 2nd try. LOL Helps I ate something to boost my Stamina, and closed the doors etc.

Remaining Questions:
Is there anything to do in Forgotten Forest W.?
What do you feed the Chicken?
Does anyone get the Appreciation Flower?
How do you get the Moon Stone in Atai City that's in the pot way up on the tower?
Is there an item for the 2nd Misc slot in the end game? I got Green Bracelet, Blank, Nebula Armlet.
Probably others, but that's all the comes to mind.