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Quells's News

Posted by Quells - September 5th, 2014

With version 1.16, there is now a new feature to use password style saving systems! Think of it like the old megaman days except instead of entering 16 characters, you enter several hundred (don't worry, you can copy and paste).

This save is primarily for people who have experienced saving problems in the past. There are just too many problems for me to troubleshoot between different browsers, operating systems, extensions, etc. So hopefully this will bypass all of that. Of course, you can use this to pass save files between friends as well.

Note: The User Time played doesn't save exactly if your time is under 64 minutes. This is to prevent one successful speed runner from passing his code around and then suddenly everyone has speed runner medals. I'll change the solution to this if I can think of a more elegant way to handle it.

========== How to use the Alternate Password System ==========

1. Open up a game and save at a save statue. The pass code you receive is updated to reflect your save file whenever you use a save statue.

2. After saving at a save statue, press SPACE to open the space menu. Click on "Get Save Password". You will hear a sound. This has copied the password into your Clipboard. It's the same as if you had pressed "Ctrl+C" over some text. You have the password copied.


3. Open your text editor of choice, in my case Notepad++ and paste your password. It will look something like this. Save that text document. That is your save file file.


4. Now in the disastrous scenario where your save file disappears. You can restore it by clicking on a BLANK save file. It will not work if you use a file that has data in it.


5. In the text field above the "USE CODE" button, paste in your password that you saved in the text file.


6. With the password in the field (assuming it was correctly copy pasted), hit "Use Code" and it will restore the save file. Yay.



========== Final Notes ==========

- Yes, I'm aware this is somewhat clumsy. If the regular saving works for you, by all means continue to use that.
- If you're experienced a bug with this, PM me. That's the best way to ensure that I see it. Please be descriptive and include all relevant details. Thanks!

(more as they come)


Posted by Quells - August 22nd, 2014

New Password Saving System Implemented as of version 1.16

If you have trouble saving, consider using it: http://quells.newgrounds.com/news/post/905822


I've been getting a few comments about people being unable to save the game. It's hard for me to track this issue since I can't experience it myself. Nevertheless, I've compiled a few links to hopefully tackle the issue.

NOTE: If you had saving problems before and are now able to save, please comment on how you fixed it. Your help would be greatly appreciated!

ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE: Saving your game only happens at save statues. If you die, your game is NOT automatically saved. If you die and select "Revive at nearest checkpoint" - that also DOES NOT save your game. Only saving in front of a save statue saves your game.

EXTRA IMPORTANT NOTE: Be careful about clearing out your history! The game saves on a cookie, and if clearing out your history includes clearing out your cookies, your saves WILL be erased.

--------- Things to Try ---------

1. Make sure your browser is not in private browsing mode or "incognito" mode (if you're using chrome)

2. Make sure you allow your web browser to save games.

Some people seem to be able to save, but then later find that the save file is gone. It sounds like the browser or something else is clearing it out every X amount of hours. Make sure your browser doesn't do that. I found this handy link, but the instructions per browser may differ:

--------- Workarounds/Solutions ---------

1. walkernator91 reports he was able to save by going to settings and setting the local storage to unlimited.

2. Reported by mrskobioshi

After reporting saving problems, I have now been able to save my progress. This is how I did it...

I save with the stone several times then refresh the whole page and reload the whole game. I'll be right back at the stone where I saved. It's good for the big saves, right before and after bosses or when I've made enough progress that I just feel like saving.

It's a sucky way of fixing the problem but it's working for now and I'm addicted to this game. :P

I don't know how that helps, but it is a temporary fix I guess.

Posted by Quells - August 21st, 2014

The game's main page is getting crowded as I make more updates, so I'll list old updates here. Big thanks to everyone who reported!


v 1.17 Thanks to nngroundsplayer347, MetalEye, Dilando, harel55, Tlayohualli
- Lots of typos and item name inconsistencies fixed
- Stronger armor incorrectly carried over between save files
- Receive a warning if buying weaker armor
- Completion rate could add up to over 100%
- Hachi now buys purple honey from you
- Gale can now pick up items while hovering
- If injured when entering cutscene, there was a possibility Gale would be invisible
- There is now an upper limit of money you can carry (4999)
- On death, hp displays 0
- possible to leave screen bounds in final bandit room
- Some NPC inconsistencies fixed. Children disappearing in panselo, sheriff appearing in her room...

v 1.16 Thanks to reports from: Noobzie, nggroundsplayer347, jbgray, AtmanTheSeventh, & NeonSpider
- Bug where moonstone novice level medal would not unlock at higher levels
- five typos fixed
- prince tower tile error fixed
- Secret Lab robot disappeared if you died and revived at checkpoint
+ New Feature Implemented. Alternate Password Save System! This is for people who’ve experienced save problems. Read about it here: http://quells.newgrounds.com/news/post/905822

v 1.15 Thanks to tehKaiN, xAyjAy, & walkernator91
- Correction on medal rechecking logic
- 66 chase sequence now comes with infinite honey supply in case you need the additional speed boost
- Duri fruits defying gravity - fixed

v 1.14 Thanks to danishgoel & tehKaiN
- All medals are checked on visiting world map for people with spotty internet connections
- A missable moonstone has been corrected (Floe on the treehouse. Talk to Gill on wall first!)

v 1.13 Thanks to nggroundsplayer347, RedSyndicate, fourinone, & BuffRagDoll
- total time played now displayed on menu.
- chase sequence flying turret now respawns if reviving from checkpoint
- two harpy bombs exploding at the same time slowed game down

v 1.12 Thanks to reports from DarkSteelX, Linck5, SuperNeoluigi, NegroEbreo, darklink6447, Hazeling, GoldenFloor8 & Aerohz
- possible to get stuck in armored toad’s room fixed
- tiles found with no “physicalness”
- possible to get stuck in a continuous fall loop in tower
- bomb hiss stops when you leave room
- merchant advertise kabobs as healing 25, but actually healed 20. Bad merchant!
- Save file displayed wrong location name for an area
- arrow appears above head while hovering if you pass a door
- Floe referred to as “Fran” once.
- Kobold boss fight could potentially freeze game with an attack
- talk prompts still appeared if using your tool in front of an npc

v 1.11 More save stability added. Again, I appreciate feedback from users who experienced problems.

v 1.10 New feature. World Map informs you if there are still moon stone or heart rubies to be found in the area. They will appear as blinking icons in the upper left.

v 1.09 Some save stability added. For users who had problems let me know if you see any improvements.

v 1.08 Thanks to reports from: shadowsoul2001, Neakohleye, vasilis1, DarksteelX, Remnus, darklink6447, & RHawk,
- Completing jelly goo potionist quest unlocked wrong item. Now it actually unlocks the right item. Also jelly goo drop rate has been doubled.
- Fixed a typo
- Fixed bug where you could get stuck in the room attempting to get the Nebula Armlet if you died.
- Sushi bento is advertised to heal 40, but heals 35. Bad sales person!
- Bacon is advertised to heal 40, but heals 30. Another bad sales person!
- Soldier in jail gives you the wrong directions to Thomas
- Outside bandit's lair, you can get stuck in a room if you don't have bombs
- Invisible ladder existed in Daea NPC's house
- Merchant in Atai buys Duri fruit at 15 instead of 10. Duri fruit drop rate has been increased. Note, only lone hanging fruits have a chance of spawning fruit. The ones in batches do not!
- For 66, speed has been slightly decreased. Also infinite retries for the whole sequence.

v 1.07 Tons of people informed me about the Panselo gate being close. That was a bug introduced in v 1.06. Sorry for the trouble! It's fixed now!

v 1.06: Thanks to Duke, DarksteelX, Kaisharga, and Shitkid95
Bugs Fixed: Some keyboard rebinding display issues fixed. Lamp no longer discardable. Honey combs worth $5 more. Can't hack jump using the Artifact in the air. There's a brief period after dismounting a ladder where you can't mount ladder again. Experiminenting with a brief pause after talking so you don't accidentally re-enter conversation with an NPC. Mul Caverns North is now only accessible by passing through the caverns.

v 1.05: Added ability to rebind keyboard controls (just the action buttons). Also the 360 controller's reverse up/down on the analog is fixed.

v 1.04: Thanks to Rob. Fixed a room that prevented backtracking.

v 1.03: Thanks to DukeGarland and Rob. Bugs fixed: A room where the player can get stuck, a typo, and an essential item that didn't spawn

v 1.02: Thanks to DukeGarland for teaching my the existence of qwertz keyboards. Y and Z will both now map to JUMP.

v 1.01 : Thanks to Emrox for finding a bug with the first boss (no sound or  health bar if you hit him before he made his entrance)

v 1.00 : Game is released!


Posted by Quells - August 21st, 2014

I've been getting a lot of questions on how to progress on the tricky parts of Phoenotopia, so to alleviate my inbox, I'll start listing them here. Refer to this if you're really stuck! (If you have a guide you'd like me to link here, PM me)

============ Other Awesome Guides ============

A more comprehensive guide by nggroundsplayer347


============ CHAPTER 0 : Miscellaneous ============

Q: Are there missables in this game?
In Zelda fashion, no. If you think you've found a missable item, PM me.

Q: My green bracelet is gone!?
The green bracelet disappears because I didn't have a slot for some key quest items. So the green bracelet will temporarily leave your inventory when you're carrying the bandit or the golem head. But don't worry! Just by continuing your journey, the green bracelet will return! As for why I chose to the slot of the green bracelet, it's because the gift that Aella gives you can't be taken advantage of until later (by which point you should have the green bracelet back).

Q: I'm using a 360 controller and the up/down is inverted?
I am aware of such an issue, and Tom Fulp was actually the first to tell me about it. The conclusion we reached is that the error lies in the flash version of your browser. In Tom's case, the up and down were inverted on Chrome but worked fine in IE. The up and down works correctly for me.

So this one is a hard one to tackle - there hasn't been too much noise about this issue, so I'm inclined to think the current Up/Down on the analog is the correct configuration for most people. I recommend trying it with a different browser to see if you have different results. If there is enough noise about this, I will put this higher on my priority queue, but for now saving problems are.

============ CHAPTER 1 : Panselo & Duri Forest ============

Q: Why is the slingshot so weak?
It's more of a stunning tool. That bat should be your bread and butter.

Q: How do I defeat frogs?
Frogs hop at the same rate, height, and distance every time, so it's possible to know where they'll land. Stand at a spot you know they'll appear before and charge up your weapon to defeat them in one hit! Later when you get the slingshot you can also stun them.

Q: How do I cross the gap in the temple ruins?
First shoot the switch to extend the bridge to your side. Once you cross the bridge, hit the switch again to extend the bridge to the other side. Then stand on the edge of that newly moved bridge, and shoot the switch on the next platform to bring it over to you. Basically hit the switches twice!

Q: How do I defeat the Armored Toad Boss?
Shoot the Duri Fruit patch above him or bouce a sling rock off the wall behind him to hit his back. Doing so will get him to turn around revealing his weak back side.

Q: How do I cross Atai Bridge or crawl through small spaces?
You need to buy a "Scroll of Rolling" back at the Panselo Dojo. This will allow you to roll through the small spaces.

============ CHAPTER 2 : Atai and the Bandits Lair ============

Q: How do I get the bandit in Atai's jail to reveal the Bandits' Lair?
Buy a Talkinator potion from the potions witch and give it to him.

Q: How do I get bombs?
Talk to Lisa and ask her about "interesting places to visit?". She'll reveal to you Adar's house where you can then find bombs.

Q: How can I make some money?
A woman in Atai's market place will buy Duri fruit from you. Also the man at Honey Bee Labs will buy Honey Combs from you.

Q: How can I get more health items?
If you're strapped for cash, there's a spot in Duri forest that has 3 healing fruits you can collect. The fruits will respawn if you leave the area to the world map, so it's possible to get a lot.

Q: How do I defeat the Sand Dragon?
Youtube Video

To dodge him effectively you can clear out his lava pools with bombs. You can also whack his spitfire in the air to cancel it out (but that's a risky maneuver). To dodge his roll attack, try to roll under it as it's coming. Also helps if you have the hammer, since you'll do a lot more damage. Feed him a bomb when he's burrowing underground and snapping at you to stun him and make him vulnerable to your attacks.

============ CHAPTER 3 : Thomas's Lab, Daea, Dungeons, and the Prince Tower ============

Q: How do I enter Thomas's Lab?
The first room of his house has a switch hidden beneath a box on the left wall. Shoot the box to reveal the switch. Then shoot the switch. Click here for a picture.

Q: How do I defeat the robot in Thomas's Lab?
Video Here
He has only a few different patterns of laser attacks. Once you learn to dodge them, it's simply a matter of pushing him over the chasm and flipping the switch.

Q: How do I access the sewers?
After Thomas has been kidnapped, to access the sewers, you need to talk to a sequence of NPCs in this order:
1. First is the maid in the upper right most room of the inn. She says she saw Thomas get dragged away.
2. Then the guard in jail (lower left most area in Daea). He tells you to talk to the king.
3. Then the orange haired little girl outside the castle gates. She says that a person named "Ruby" could get you into the sewers. Her apartment is the middle residential area.
4. At Ruby's apartment, is a man who tells you Ruby went to buy lunch.
5. The store keeper at the food shop tells you Ruby just left for the sewer.
The sewers will now be opened.

Q: How do I access blocks A, B, and E of the dungeons?
There's a prisoner you can rescue in Block D. He tells you of a weak floor in Block C. Use a bomb where he tells you and you can get into Block E, which contains keys to reach the other blocks.

Q: How do I navigate the ladder obstacle course in the tower?
Watch this video 

Q: How do I defeat the Kobold boss?
Youtube Video
Generally stay on the opposite corner of where he is so that you can respond quickly to his change of direction. Place a spear on the wall ahead of time so that you can quickly move up or down. When he charges his blue ball of death attack throw a spear into the opening of his shield. If he's hanging upside while charging, you need to hop to throw the spear in. Finally, make use of charge attacks - they do double damage and can hit up to 3 times in a row if you're spamming the attack button hard enough.

============ CHAPTER 4 : Beyond the Wall ============

Q: How do I defeat the Big Eyed Boss?
Link to video
Big Eye follows a set pattern of 5 phases. Learning how to handle and dodge the attacks of each phase and you will survive.

To do damage effectively however, you want to wait until the right phase. When you close the 4 smaller eyes he'll open his big eye but only for a set amount time. So if you open his big eye at a bad time and there are a lot of distractions on the field, you will have squandered your chance to damage him.

The best phase to do damage is the 5th phase when he's shooting 2 giant laser beams since there are no distractions on the field if you're standing in front of him. So it's best to close 3 of his smaller eyes, and then wait for his 5th phase, before you close his 4th small eye.

Q: How do I outrun 66?
As you are running away from him there are switches you can hit to close the doors. Every door you close on 66 delays him and buys you more time. If you hit a switch to open a door, there is usually a switch to close that same door. If you open it, don't leave it open!

Finally hit the switches using your jump attack, since that is a lot faster than your sling shot. You should only use the slingshot to activate a switch once during this whole chase sequence.

Here's a video

============ For Completionists ============

Q: How do I access Forgotten Forest?
Collect 30 moon stones and the teleporter in Fran's lab will be activated.

Q: What is the scope of the Heart Ruby and Moon Stone tracker in the world map selection screen?
It extends to all obtainable collectables if you were to enter from that map location. There are two problematic areas where the scope is really broad because they have secret paths connecting many areas. The first big area is Atai and the Bandits' lair which are connected by the well passage. The second is Daea and the Prince Tower connected by the Dungeons.

Q: What are the non-quests (ie the dead ends)?
- There is no quest behind feeding the Perro bird in Daea
- No quest behind the fake love letters in Daea
- There's no quest to get a Sand Dragon egg (there were plans, but they did not pan out)
- There's no quest behind the abducted Harpy. That's for the sequel.
- The door you see when running from 66 can not be accessed.
(Will add more non-quests as they come to my attention)

Q: How often does Chocolate Protein Shake work? How many Heart Rubies are there?
Five times. To get 99 HP you need to find all 23 heart rubies. That gets you to 89 HP. From there five protein shakes will get you the rest of the way to 99 HP.

Q: Tips for getting the speed run medal?
- The only heart rubies you should get are the ones that bosses drop. Any other one is too big a detour.
- Plan a smart route for which money chests to grab. You only want to get just enough for the key quest items (lamp, float donut, & roll scroll). For example, in Duri forest it's better to grab the money chest going back from the first boss when there are no enemies, then before.
- The only non-key item I bought was the hammer. 
- Sweet stamina boosting items like honey make a big difference in areas like Misty Gorge, where fast recharging stamina allows you nearly limitless jumps in water.
- If you die, refresh the browser to prevent the game from overwriting your save time or number of deaths.
- Expect it to be hard.

Speed Run Ch 1

Speed Run Ch 2

Speed Run Ch 3

Speed Run Ch 4

(I will update this news post as I get more questions.)