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Phoenotopia Alternate Password Saving System

Posted by Quells - September 5th, 2014

With version 1.16, there is now a new feature to use password style saving systems! Think of it like the old megaman days except instead of entering 16 characters, you enter several hundred (don't worry, you can copy and paste).

This save is primarily for people who have experienced saving problems in the past. There are just too many problems for me to troubleshoot between different browsers, operating systems, extensions, etc. So hopefully this will bypass all of that. Of course, you can use this to pass save files between friends as well.

Note: The User Time played doesn't save exactly if your time is under 64 minutes. This is to prevent one successful speed runner from passing his code around and then suddenly everyone has speed runner medals. I'll change the solution to this if I can think of a more elegant way to handle it.

========== How to use the Alternate Password System ==========

1. Open up a game and save at a save statue. The pass code you receive is updated to reflect your save file whenever you use a save statue.

2. After saving at a save statue, press SPACE to open the space menu. Click on "Get Save Password". You will hear a sound. This has copied the password into your Clipboard. It's the same as if you had pressed "Ctrl+C" over some text. You have the password copied.


3. Open your text editor of choice, in my case Notepad++ and paste your password. It will look something like this. Save that text document. That is your save file file.


4. Now in the disastrous scenario where your save file disappears. You can restore it by clicking on a BLANK save file. It will not work if you use a file that has data in it.


5. In the text field above the "USE CODE" button, paste in your password that you saved in the text file.


6. With the password in the field (assuming it was correctly copy pasted), hit "Use Code" and it will restore the save file. Yay.



========== Final Notes ==========

- Yes, I'm aware this is somewhat clumsy. If the regular saving works for you, by all means continue to use that.
- If you're experienced a bug with this, PM me. That's the best way to ensure that I see it. Please be descriptive and include all relevant details. Thanks!

(more as they come)



Would you mind people messing about with the save data, or would you find that a bit distasteful? I finished the game this morning (with all items and most achievements apart from Indomitable and Speed Runner, thanks to PB13's excellent guide on Scribd), so it would be fun to godmode a little while I revisit some of the levels I rushed through! :)

I think it's fine to hack for fun. I also can't really prevent it from happening. Just don't hack to get the last medals so that people can have a chance to legitimately earn them :)

Wait, the speed runner save file prevention method only applies to the password generated saves right? Not the normal way with the save statues, correct? There was another user who said he/she timed at 68 minutes (which is what I got with my second run, although that was before this update), so I'm wondering if this is related.

Yes. The speed runner password prevention only applies if you're generating a save file through a password. If you're playing it like normal and using the save statues then the time will be not overwritten.

I like ur savegame system
when lose it
just open ur note pad and paste in code savegame
dont worry if get erased
this system should all game have it
coz all flash game if browser clean up all save gone TT
i want try play ur game offline
i want download ur game...

hey your game is absolutely amazing so far, probably the best flash game I've played...I would even rank it up there right behind Chrono Trigger as the second best 2-D RPG ever made...unfortunately my left directional key has finally given out...any chance you can implement the option to swap the directional controls with WASD keys? I'd greatly appreciate that, thanks

I noticed in that wasteland area that there were a gray robot enemy and a red one, the red one that doesn't permanently die. This reminded me of two skeletons from Terranigma that were the same: the white one could be killed but not the red one. Was this an intentional callout? If not, I appreciated it anyway

Is there a way to play this game while using a controller plugged into the USB port? I find that using the keyboard can be a bit clunky at times, and that using a controller is a little easier to work with.

i have some ideas for the sequil that i would like to tell, and in the game comments i already told a few, is it ok if i told the rest here? (i just want to be sure if it's ok with you Quells, it's my natural habbat, and after a while, if you don't respond, i'll put them down anyway.)

i keep not being able to find my saves like im giving up on this game i beat the 1st boss 7 times now TnT

Any plan on the sequel?

Are you still alive? When's Phoenotopia 2 coming?

Now remake is available in Steam and Nintendo Switch)

Hello, anybody here?