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Phoenotopia Change Log

Posted by Quells - August 21st, 2014

The game's main page is getting crowded as I make more updates, so I'll list old updates here. Big thanks to everyone who reported!


v 1.17 Thanks to nngroundsplayer347, MetalEye, Dilando, harel55, Tlayohualli
- Lots of typos and item name inconsistencies fixed
- Stronger armor incorrectly carried over between save files
- Receive a warning if buying weaker armor
- Completion rate could add up to over 100%
- Hachi now buys purple honey from you
- Gale can now pick up items while hovering
- If injured when entering cutscene, there was a possibility Gale would be invisible
- There is now an upper limit of money you can carry (4999)
- On death, hp displays 0
- possible to leave screen bounds in final bandit room
- Some NPC inconsistencies fixed. Children disappearing in panselo, sheriff appearing in her room...

v 1.16 Thanks to reports from: Noobzie, nggroundsplayer347, jbgray, AtmanTheSeventh, & NeonSpider
- Bug where moonstone novice level medal would not unlock at higher levels
- five typos fixed
- prince tower tile error fixed
- Secret Lab robot disappeared if you died and revived at checkpoint
+ New Feature Implemented. Alternate Password Save System! This is for people who’ve experienced save problems. Read about it here: http://quells.newgrounds.com/news/post/905822

v 1.15 Thanks to tehKaiN, xAyjAy, & walkernator91
- Correction on medal rechecking logic
- 66 chase sequence now comes with infinite honey supply in case you need the additional speed boost
- Duri fruits defying gravity - fixed

v 1.14 Thanks to danishgoel & tehKaiN
- All medals are checked on visiting world map for people with spotty internet connections
- A missable moonstone has been corrected (Floe on the treehouse. Talk to Gill on wall first!)

v 1.13 Thanks to nggroundsplayer347, RedSyndicate, fourinone, & BuffRagDoll
- total time played now displayed on menu.
- chase sequence flying turret now respawns if reviving from checkpoint
- two harpy bombs exploding at the same time slowed game down

v 1.12 Thanks to reports from DarkSteelX, Linck5, SuperNeoluigi, NegroEbreo, darklink6447, Hazeling, GoldenFloor8 & Aerohz
- possible to get stuck in armored toad’s room fixed
- tiles found with no “physicalness”
- possible to get stuck in a continuous fall loop in tower
- bomb hiss stops when you leave room
- merchant advertise kabobs as healing 25, but actually healed 20. Bad merchant!
- Save file displayed wrong location name for an area
- arrow appears above head while hovering if you pass a door
- Floe referred to as “Fran” once.
- Kobold boss fight could potentially freeze game with an attack
- talk prompts still appeared if using your tool in front of an npc

v 1.11 More save stability added. Again, I appreciate feedback from users who experienced problems.

v 1.10 New feature. World Map informs you if there are still moon stone or heart rubies to be found in the area. They will appear as blinking icons in the upper left.

v 1.09 Some save stability added. For users who had problems let me know if you see any improvements.

v 1.08 Thanks to reports from: shadowsoul2001, Neakohleye, vasilis1, DarksteelX, Remnus, darklink6447, & RHawk,
- Completing jelly goo potionist quest unlocked wrong item. Now it actually unlocks the right item. Also jelly goo drop rate has been doubled.
- Fixed a typo
- Fixed bug where you could get stuck in the room attempting to get the Nebula Armlet if you died.
- Sushi bento is advertised to heal 40, but heals 35. Bad sales person!
- Bacon is advertised to heal 40, but heals 30. Another bad sales person!
- Soldier in jail gives you the wrong directions to Thomas
- Outside bandit's lair, you can get stuck in a room if you don't have bombs
- Invisible ladder existed in Daea NPC's house
- Merchant in Atai buys Duri fruit at 15 instead of 10. Duri fruit drop rate has been increased. Note, only lone hanging fruits have a chance of spawning fruit. The ones in batches do not!
- For 66, speed has been slightly decreased. Also infinite retries for the whole sequence.

v 1.07 Tons of people informed me about the Panselo gate being close. That was a bug introduced in v 1.06. Sorry for the trouble! It's fixed now!

v 1.06: Thanks to Duke, DarksteelX, Kaisharga, and Shitkid95
Bugs Fixed: Some keyboard rebinding display issues fixed. Lamp no longer discardable. Honey combs worth $5 more. Can't hack jump using the Artifact in the air. There's a brief period after dismounting a ladder where you can't mount ladder again. Experiminenting with a brief pause after talking so you don't accidentally re-enter conversation with an NPC. Mul Caverns North is now only accessible by passing through the caverns.

v 1.05: Added ability to rebind keyboard controls (just the action buttons). Also the 360 controller's reverse up/down on the analog is fixed.

v 1.04: Thanks to Rob. Fixed a room that prevented backtracking.

v 1.03: Thanks to DukeGarland and Rob. Bugs fixed: A room where the player can get stuck, a typo, and an essential item that didn't spawn

v 1.02: Thanks to DukeGarland for teaching my the existence of qwertz keyboards. Y and Z will both now map to JUMP.

v 1.01 : Thanks to Emrox for finding a bug with the first boss (no sound or  health bar if you hit him before he made his entrance)

v 1.00 : Game is released!

Comments (23)

i am having a hard time going back to get the shakes. door is closed on me. is there a fix for that?

The gate of Panselo is closed and after paying the debt of the orphan, i went to another save slot and the gate is closed too, the bullets can´t go through and can´t make it work above the gate neither!

Same problem as the other guy. Freed Lisa, Panselo door is locked, can't seem to hit the switch with the slingshot.

I'm having trouble getting past the gate of Panselo after freeing Lisa, the gate remains shut and trying to use the slingshot to open the gate doesn't work either.

You can get the gate open if you have Item 3, you need to lodge it just above the entrance, where it juts out, so you can jump onto it, from there, you can use the slingshot to open the gate.

Made a video, because I suck at describing things. http://youtu DOT be/KqZHjs4XSPE

I hope that helps someone. Good luck all of y'all.

Can't get past 66. He's way too fast for me.

Same here: after paying the debt of Lisa - no new locations, no new characters or items. I searched everywhere :( . And gate is closed too. What to do next? Or where can i get this Item 3?

You need to return to Panselo after rescuing Lisa and talk to Alex. A previous bug prevented people from re-entering Panselo. If you have this bug refresh your browser and make sure the version reads 1.07

What about the main character having an idle animation?
Just throwing that out not that it bugs me or anything.

The left analogue up/down controls are inverted on the Xbox controller.

Was there something that had to be done in prison cell block D? Cause I accidentally skipped opening Cell Block D till the end of the game. (I got to Cell Block E by accidentally dropping a bomb while inspecting Cell Block C's weak floor.) - u-;;;

All you missed were some NPC comments and a hint about finding the weak floor in block C. There are no missables in the game. (If there is, that's a bug. PM me if you think you've found one)

There's a bug when the game ends and it says "Good-bye until next time!" you can press space and an invisible menu appears you can toggle the fullscreen and other things.
By the way, amazing game just brilliant! Hope there's a sequel. *fingers crossed*

How do I enter the block D? I do not have a suitable weapon, where can I get it?

Is there a limit to how many chocolate protein drinks you can take? I've taken about two or three before they stopped boosting health and I was wondering if this was intentional or a bug.

This is now covered in the newly added completionist section of the FAQ: http://quells.newgrounds.com/news/post/904515

(spoiler alert) I accidentally use the key for the door in the same room in the robot boss in the forgotten forest. Now, i don't know how to get another.

Walkernator91: Go back a few areas and head up, kill all the enemies in that area, one should drop a key.

thank you so much darksteel, that was a pain!

Is there a fool-proof way to open the treasure area in the prison (main hall between blocks a and b)? I seem not to be able to use the bomb/slingshot/spear on all four spots in reasonable short time.

The game does not load for me. Anyone with the same issue?

Can you PM me with the details of what you're seeing? Does your save display "No Data" or does it display data but loading causes a crash?

Bug report: When I shot the slingshot at the bombs carried by two harpies next to each other, the game slowed to a crawl and eventually Flashplayer crashed. It happened in the last room of Forgotten Forest (first when entering from E).

Fixed as of v 1.13 :)

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