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Phoenotopia not saving

2014-08-22 12:07:48 by Quells

New Password Saving System Implemented as of version 1.16

If you have trouble saving, consider using it:


I've been getting a few comments about people being unable to save the game. It's hard for me to track this issue since I can't experience it myself. Nevertheless, I've compiled a few links to hopefully tackle the issue.

NOTE: If you had saving problems before and are now able to save, please comment on how you fixed it. Your help would be greatly appreciated!

ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE: Saving your game only happens at save statues. If you die, your game is NOT automatically saved. If you die and select "Revive at nearest checkpoint" - that also DOES NOT save your game. Only saving in front of a save statue saves your game.

EXTRA IMPORTANT NOTE: Be careful about clearing out your history! The game saves on a cookie, and if clearing out your history includes clearing out your cookies, your saves WILL be erased.

--------- Things to Try ---------

1. Make sure your browser is not in private browsing mode or "incognito" mode (if you're using chrome)

2. Make sure you allow your web browser to save games.

Some people seem to be able to save, but then later find that the save file is gone. It sounds like the browser or something else is clearing it out every X amount of hours. Make sure your browser doesn't do that. I found this handy link, but the instructions per browser may differ:

--------- Workarounds/Solutions ---------

1. walkernator91 reports he was able to save by going to settings and setting the local storage to unlimited.

2. Reported by mrskobioshi

After reporting saving problems, I have now been able to save my progress. This is how I did it...

I save with the stone several times then refresh the whole page and reload the whole game. I'll be right back at the stone where I saved. It's good for the big saves, right before and after bosses or when I've made enough progress that I just feel like saving.

It's a sucky way of fixing the problem but it's working for now and I'm addicted to this game. :P

I don't know how that helps, but it is a temporary fix I guess.


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2014-08-22 16:28:55

After reporting saving problems, I have now been able to save my progress. This is how I did it...

I save with the stone several times then refresh the whole page and reload the whole game. I'll be right back at the stone where I saved. It's good for the big saves, right before and after bosses or when I've made enough progress that I just feel like saving.

It's a sucky way of fixing the problem but it's working for now and I'm addicted to this game. :P

I don't know how that helps, but it is a temporary fix I guess.

Quells responds:

Thanks! I'll copy paste this onto the main news post if it's alright with you


2014-08-22 17:16:50

I lost 2 hours of gameplay. Just great. -.-

Quells responds:

Can you describe right happened? Did the save statue not function? Game crash?


2014-08-22 17:24:57

Amazing game I must say. Just WOW! Got me hooked :P

For the save system, you are most likely doing this already, but just in case.
Are you calling SharedObject.flush() when you save at the statue? If not, this would at least save the state in case the flash plugin or browser crashes.

Quells responds:

Yeah, I am calling SharedObject.flush() at the save statues. Saving seems to work for most people, so I'm not sure what causes some people to have problems.


2014-08-22 18:08:46

I i cant play this game anymore i will not play the tower part again i was in the boss and then i got bluescreen and when i got bak i was back in atai ;(

Quells responds:

I'm sorry that happened! I completely understand losing your motivation after that. Did you lose your progress even after saving at a statue?


2014-08-22 21:42:59

yes i did save and now i lost everything


2014-08-22 22:51:20

Got a save issue. great game btw. but I save right before i left the village (after the frog boss). after that i made is passed the bees to the honey seller and saved there. I went to bed and today when i tried to play i end up back at the village (just before i talk to the kids and leave in the morning). nothing happened to my hardware and no changes were made to my browser. looks to be random, happened twice btw


2014-08-23 04:13:01

For me I originally couldn't save, so when I noticed my progress was gone (not much, an hour at most), I searched for the place my browsers places the saves of flash games (dunno what exactly to call it), and found the phoenotopia save, but noticed it was read-only for some reason.
Nothing else there was read-only, strangely.
I removed that and saving worked fine.


2014-08-23 06:54:53

I'm playing on Chrome version 36. The last statue I saved at was in Atai. I have made sure of the three things you mentioned and I have tried the workaround. But, to no avail.
After 2 hours of frustrating gameplay, collecting hard to get items and reaching Bandit's Lair, I just can't get myself to play it all over again. It's a shame though, I really enjoyed the story, dialogues and characters, and would have loved to play through to the end.
I'll keep checking every now and then to see if this issue is resolved. Hope it's done soon :-D

Quells responds:

I've added some save stability with the recent update (v. 109). Let me know if this fixes the problem.


2014-08-23 08:08:09

Oh i got back to play the game because i love the history and ive saved and it works, i love the game and some people dont thing about the bright side of the game,i just love it :3


2014-08-23 15:35:21

I've had recurring save issues, but today was really bad. Usually if I restarted, it would drop me back to an earlier save point in my session, ignoring ones in the last ten minutes of gameplay, when I'm usually running around doing optional tasks. Last session didn't record at all. I went from just before the third boss to the crater, including getting the rocket boots. I even went back to the Prince's Tower to get the moon stone there. I saved at multiple locations and respawned multiple times, but nothing was saved after the session. I'm sure it was the entire session, because I had previously quit at the third boss in the session before.

Quells responds:

Yikes, sounds really bad. I've added some save stability with the recent update (v. 109). Can you tell me if you see any improvements?


2014-08-24 02:52:52

SO I just started trying to play this game again today after your update and to be honest I think things are worse. Reloading from a save point still works as well as starting from a check check point however if i need to close my browser for anything or the flash player crashes and I need refresh poof my saves are gone. I still really like this game but getting through the bees and frogs, finally making it to the bandits hideout only to lose your data is more than a bit frustrating.

Quells responds:

Dang, sorry to hear. I will keep investigating this!


2014-08-24 22:52:55

I was really enthralled with this game and had a couple hours in, but after shutting down the browser and PC, there's no save file when I opened it up again. I just don't feel like starting over with the possibility of losing everything again. :(

Quells responds:

Sorry for your loss. I recently updated saving again with v 1.11 . If you do decide to take up the game again (no pressure) , please let me know how your saves fare.


2014-08-25 09:07:17

Funny how I went with the preview release all the way to your current release with no problems. I think it's because it's not all in an NG standard numbered folder, but also in folder #qhtsp22, which generates upon loading the game (it contains the save sol; the NG secure file is buried in the numbered folder)

Have you considered selling this game on When the sequel to this game comes around, I'd like to support any crowd funding initiative you might deem necessary.

Quells responds:

Thanks! I didn't know about the NG standard numbered folder. I don't suppose it'd be possible to use it now without losing everyone's data?

And I haven't considered at all actually, but may in the future depending. As for the sequel, I'd like to avoid crowd funding unless absolutely necessary.


2014-08-25 16:25:05

I've had problems with the save bug twice now. First time lost all my data, second time lost progress all the way back to the bandits. I haven't found a fix, although I've just increased my Flash storage permissions hoping it might fix it. It is a frightening concept of playing on a whole bunch only to lose it all again.

As a temporary fix Quells, have you thought about offering 'offline' saving? I know cookie based saves are technically offline, but I've seen some games offer to either copy the save data to clipboard, or save as a text file. I understand this might not work depending on the nature/size of the saves and how encrypted they are in case people are tempted to edit them.

Quells responds:

Thanks for the idea. Still weighing my options right now, but if the new update doesn't do the trick, I may look into saving data to a clipboard or textfile.


2014-08-25 23:08:38

wheres the soundtrack? i want ze soundtrack >:C
please? :)

Quells responds:



2014-08-26 01:20:53

You can PM Tom about this, leave a link to this post, maybe he can suggest something. I guess because of the preview... anyway, live and learn. But yeah, check out folder: (in WIN XP) flashplayer / /#sharedobjects / (8 random capital letters and numbers). That's the folder Flash uses for cookies. As you use Newgrounds, and play other games that save, you'll see where things get placed. Ask Tom about online saving, he may be able to help.

Again, I feel like this game(save) you created, was too adult a task for most of the kids here, which is fucking sad as hell :\ You made a game for the PC, not some obtuse game console. PC's aren't toys, they're tools... anyway, caveat emptor to those who can't reason their problems out!


2014-08-26 18:06:41

THAT ENDING!!! WTH WAS THAT!!! Did I get the bas ending or something?

Quells responds:

No, that's that's the one ending.


2014-08-26 23:09:00

I hope this game gets placed on other sites like Kongregate and Addicting Games, etc. It's really good!


2014-08-27 06:16:06

The latest update fixed the saving issue. Thanks, Quells! I'll give the game another shot.

Quells responds:

Yay. Hopefully I will get more positive reports!


2014-08-27 13:30:05

Where can we get a soundtrack? I would gladly pay to listen to some tracks while working or getting around.

Quells responds:


Be sure to drop the musicians a comment, I'm sure it'd be appreciated :)


2014-08-27 16:28:35

Not a save issue, but another glitch: In Forgotten Forest, the area with two harpies, whenever their bombs go off at the same time, the game slows down dramatically. One frame every ten seconds, if that.

Quells responds:

Thanks! Added to my bug queue. Feel free to PM me if you find any more.


2014-08-28 00:17:40

Yeah I had the save file disappearing thing. If it helps, it happened right after my browser crashed one time. When I restarted the browser, that save file was gone. Prior to that crash it was able to save/load just fine.

It wasn't even Newgrounds that crashed it that time ... some stupid other site. People should really test their sites better so they don't go crashing random people's browsers (at least not as often).

Quells responds:

"had" as in past tense? Do you remember when you encountered this problem? Was it before v1.11 or after?


2014-08-28 23:34:45

Hmm, just lost some progress.

Sorry, no idea what problem exactly it was, but I'm on 1.14.

I cleared my browsing history, which was about the only thing I did-
I was running Chrome 36.0.1985.143 m, which is not the most up-to-date one, although a second ago I just updated it.
My relevant extensions are
Disconnect, which blocks tracking sites
Tabs outliner

The way tabs outliner works and "saves" tabs could cause a problem. The details are a bit complicated, but most likely I'm wrong.

Aside from that, I really don't mind this problem TOO much, since it's nevertheless enjoyable, however discouraging.

I don't think I see any problems in my chrome settings. Can you perhaps give a list of optimal settings to compare with?

I'm not sure if it was a great idea posting this after updating chrome, however I don't think it might make a huge difference.

What happened was that I don't think I loose save progress on SOME saves. If I close chrome, and let's say what I just saved is going to stay permanently, and then I open Phoen, play for an hour, save countless times, then do something like close and restart, that "permanent" save will still be the active one.

Quells responds:

Thanks for the detailed write up! I'm not sure if I can fix this kind of problem. The game is saved as a flash "cookie", and if you clear your browsing history that will clear your cookies out. I just tried it myself and confirmed that my saves also disappear if I clear my history with Chrome's default settings. To guard against this, you can "uncheck" the cookies option when clearing your history.

Sorry for your lost progress! I will update the news post to warn future players. I'm also brainstorming alternative approaches to saving, and will update when I have more news on that front.


2014-08-30 06:32:35

After beating 2nd boss I can't use statues to save my game. I tried all instructions to fix it but it doesn't help....I'll keep the window with game opend, mb it will fix later:D
p.s. Sry for my english

Quells responds:

That is really strange. Can you tell me in more detail (feel free to PM me). Can you interact with the save statue at all? Or does the screen flash and display a message at all? If so, what is the message?


2014-08-31 12:20:30

Sorry. I meant to say earlier that I cleared purely my browsing history, not including cookies, which I never clear.

Quells responds:

Thanks for clarifying. Hopefully the new system I'm working on will fix everyone's problem


2014-09-01 02:34:42

Thank you for creating this awesome game. :)


2014-09-02 08:43:40

Idk how to PM there. I'll write right here. In my last comment You saked me if I can interract with statues. No, I can't. As I say after beating 2nd boss I just can't use statues, there is a hint in conor of the screen( mean press X) but each time when I press X button near the statues my hero just use regular atack, its the only problem, but its more fun to play this hard mode:D
Thanks for reply to my last comment and sorry for my english again, I know he's bad.

Quells responds:

That's really strange. It sounds like the game got into a bad state somehow. You might have to cut your losses, but I'm sure if you refresh the page and reload the game, those save statues will start working again.


2014-09-03 02:01:04

I've refreshed a page and lose all my progress but statues still dosen't work. Even if I starting new game hero just atack statue each time when I press X

Quells responds:

Interesting... I'm kinda stumped to be honest since I've never had that issue show up. You might have better luck with a different browser. If you're not using Chrome, I suggest you try using that. And if that doesn't work, try firefox. Let me know if that fixes your issue.


2015-08-28 17:44:05

Something appears to be wrong with the game. I get an error message when I try to play it.